Soybean oil - Edible oil protects heart health

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Soybean oil - Edible oil protects heart health

It is not accidental that soy oil is recommended by leading cardiologists in Vietnam.

Today, as cardiovascular disease is on the rise due to diet high in fat, fat and alcohol abuse, cigarettes, the addition of food protection Cardiovascular health is a top priority. According to nutrition experts, soybean oil is one of the most beneficial oils for health, especially cardiovascular health with many advantages.

Soybean oil is one of the top three types of cardiovascular edible oils:

Soybean oil has a high smoke point. Fuming point is the temperature at which cooking oil begins to decompose and change its structure. High temperatures not only destroy nutrients in food but also produce peroxides and other health-damaging substances. When the temperature exceeds the fuming point of the cooking oil, the oil will burn, smoke and smell bad. The soybean fume is quite high, ranging from 250-257 degrees Celsius, so it is perfectly possible to retain the ingredients and antioxidants in the oil even after refining. Therefore, soybean oil is often used to prepare fried foods, fried, fried oil with high temperature without completely harm to health.

Soybean oil is an ideal source of cholesterol-free fats. Soybean oil is extracted from soybeans, nutritious high protein seeds and healthy fats and vitamins and minerals. Fat in soybean oil is extracted through hot pressing and refining. Good fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat) in soybean oil have the potential to reduce bad cholesterol as well as increase good cholesterol, which is especially effective in stabilizing cholesterol levels in the blood, At the same time, ensure adequate supply of unsaturated fats for the body.

Finally, soybean oil is one of the rare oils that provide all three types of unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9. These three unsaturated fatty acids are beneficial for the health and development of the brain, in addition to the ability to reduce cholesterol, repel cardiovascular disease. Omega-3 helps develop vision, nerve and triglycerides, a type of fat that when raised high will accelerate the risk of cardiovascular disease. Omega-6 plays an important role in reducing cholesterol accumulation in the blood vessels, preventing arrhythmias, thrombosis and contributing to blood pressure control. Omega-9 reduces arteriosclerosis, boosts the immune system and helps stabilize sugar levels.

It can be seen that soybean oil is the leading edible oil to protect heart health in the context of increasing mortality from heart disease, irrespective of age, weight, sex. Recently, in the online exchange on prevention of heart disease is organized VNExpress, leading cardiologists in Vietnam has advised: Building a scientific diet is the key to prevent cardiovascular disease, besides increased motor activity and say no to cigarettes, alcohol. A "minimalist" menu of fatty meat, salt, sugar, added grains, vegetables, fresh fruits, lean fish and soybean oil in fried, fried foods will play a role. Decide for a healthy heart. According to experts, soybean oil can help limit cardiovascular disease, in which Simply soy oil is the edible oil recommended by cardiologists in Vietnam.

With the above benefits, soybean oil is not only a convenient cooking material, delicious for daily meals but also provide abundant nutrition, help prevent cardiovascular disease.