7 ways to use healthy cooking oil

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7 ways to use healthy cooking oil

According to BS.B Nguyen Thi Lam, oil is a necessary seasoning to use daily to add attractive, nutritious. To use the product properly, two types of cooking oil should be used at the same time, and do not fry oil at high temperatures.
There should be two types of cooking oil in the kitchen
Nutrition experts say that every family should have two types of cooking oil available. One type used to fry, mixed vinegar oil, salat, cooked soup, marinated fish meat ...; The other type is used for frying, frying. Sunscreens, soybeans, raisins, olives ... should be used to fry, eat raw, marinated foods, help users to absorb the vitamin A, D, E, K available in food. , supplementation of essential fatty acids and increase the taste of food. Cooking oils are suitable for frying because they are resistant to high temperatures during cooking.
Do not use oil at high temperatures
High temperatures not only destroy nutrients in food but also produce peroxides and other health-damaging substances. When the temperature exceeds the "fume" point of the cooking oil, it will burn, smoke and smell. Therefore, it is best to use moderate temperatures when cooking, especially when frying, for deep cooked food and non-burning oil. If you have the habit of frying food when you see the oil boiling, smoke should be changed to make the pan really hot, then to oil, next to the food to cook.

Do not use frying oil again
Cooking oil is cooked once, preferably poured away, do not reuse, because when the cooking oil is heated several times, the vitamins and some nutrients in the oil are destroyed, will appear some substances Harmful to health and also food residues after cooking that the naked eye can not see. Frequent use increases the risk of cancer. In addition, reusable cooking oil is also susceptible to oxidation leading to adverse changes in the taste and color of the dish. Food when fried with new oil will give fresh color, delicious, also with oil used repeatedly will be dark yellow color, not attractive and unsafe to health.
Oil freezing is not harmful to health
Oil freezing when the temperature is low is a normal physical phenomenon, the mechanism is similar to ice water, no chemical changes affect the quality of oil should not harm. to the health of the users. Therefore, it is not possible to obtain the freezing point of the cooking oil to evaluate the quality of the product. To avoid oil spills, oil should be stored at 25 ° C. When oil is frozen, simply soak the oil in warm water, and the oil will return to its liquid state and can be used as normal.
Older people should use oily foods containing omega 3, 6, 9
Increasingly, the demand for fat and especially tallow decreases as the cholesterol and fatty acids found in tallow contribute to increased blood cholesterol levels, leading to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. metabolism. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the proportion of animal fat in the diet and pay special attention to the use of vegetable oils such as soybean oil and olive oil to protect the health. These are high levels of omega-3, 6, 9, which play a role in the metabolism of bad cholesterol in the blood, which helps prevent heart disease and high blood pressure.
Alternate between baby oils
The smaller the child, the higher the fat requirement, can be up to 40% of total ration energy to meet the growth and development needs in the early years. In this stage, it is necessary to provide adequate and diverse fats for children from both animal and plant sources, especially DHA, omega 3 found in salmon oil and some vegetable oils. Therefore, alternatives should be used to provide a variety of nutrients for children. Another effective and convenient alternative is to use baby formula specially formulated for children with ingredients that include salmon oil and some vegetable oils such as rice, sesame, canola oil.
Store oil properly
You should store the oil in a cool place, away from heat and light. In addition, can store oil in jars, glass bottles, dry, closed cap. If there is water in the jar, the outside water comes in, or bacteria and air enter into the oil to eat quickly. Do not store cooking oil in metal jars as they often cause oil to malfunction.